Beyond Lift-Off: Wanda Exchange’s Year in Review Featuring Launch Updates

Wanda Exchange happens to be a founder in innovation and compliance since its foundation in early 2021. Since its early days, the company has been devoted to working together with regulations to offer a seamless experience to its users.

2023 was a crucial year for Wanda as the company went through significant restructuring and product integrations to make the business future-proof. Updating the original roadmap, Wanda Exchange started its subsidiary, Wanda Exchange LT, in Europe, which really is a fully licensed, regulated entity complying with EU laws, crypto to cash in Europe.

About Wanda Exchange

Wanda Exchange could be the world’s first fully licensed and regulated crypto-to-cash, on/off-ramp exchange, initially launching in Poland with plans to expand to Europe and then the entire world. This would be facilitated through Wanda’s strategic partnerships with merchants and banks throughout Europe, working under an absolutely regulated framework.

Wanda’s Regulated Crypto Cash Solutions

The business aims to offer a simple on-ramp to the crypto economy for small businesses and FIAT users. Every one of this is done while making it easier for folks who are seeking an off-ramp back into their local FIAT currency. The business’s solution is really a complete package, where they do not just enable their merchants to just accept payments in crypto but provide them with business opportunities and technical support.

In layman’s terms, the exchange plans to simply help small businesses and FIAT users make a simple entry to the crypto economy by eliminating the technical barriers for them. This is achieved through Wanda’s sophisticated voucher system, allowing retail customers to get digital assets directly in cash. A similar reverse process could be applied if anyone wants to withdraw cash in exchange for digital assets.

Wanda’s Partnerships – Commitment to Working With Regulations

After the platform goes LIVE in the upcoming weeks, Wanda Exchange will become Europe’s first fully licensed and regulated crypto-to-cash, on/off-ramp exchange. The team has dedicated 2 yrs to obtaining the necessary licenses and establishing the necessary institutional partnerships to ensure the exchange works under an utterly legal framework.

The exchange is compliant with EU laws, and it’s been achieved through Wanda’s strategic partnerships. Including onboarding “Copper Co” for custodial solutions, “Incore Bank Switzerland” for FIAT transfers, “Sumsub” as an AML/KYC partner, and “In2retail” as the ATM partner.

2023 Summary – Major Developments

Wanda’s core team has been working proactively in the last several years and has made remarkable developments. 2023 was per year of turmoil for the crypto regulatory landscape following infamous FTX crash; new regulations were rolled out, and the present ones were amended to protect the users.

This resulted in a large delay in the exchange’s launch plan as the company had to ensure they complied with all the regulations before launch. The team took it as an optimistic sign and spent the season obtaining necessary licenses and approvals and strengthening the technical infrastructure for the exchange’s operations.

Upcoming Plans & Roadmap Ahead

Wanda Exchange LT obtained all the mandatory licenses and approvals in December 2023 and is prepared for the launch within the next few weeks. The launch is simply the first step towards Wanda’s vision of providing the planet having an efficient crypt/cash exchange, and the next months will soon be followed closely by more partnerships and expansion in various countries.

The business’s vision for 2024 is to develop its network of merchants and integrate “Wanda Cash Out” as a withdrawal option on the first few partner centralized exchanges, providing users with unparalleled convenience.

For more information, please contact: Mr. Diego Hert

Chief Marketing Officer

Wanda Exchange

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